Literary communities of Debrecen


KULTER.HU is a uniquely structured online portal and intellectual think tank focussing on contemporary cultural phenomena.

Its goals include, on the one hand, providing young people with interpretational strategies for understanding various subcultural experiences and communicating these phenomena and contemporary trends to the older generation, and, on the other hand, through texts analysing pop cultural phenomena, taking the broader readership closer to other fields of culture, for instance, quality literature. 

The arrangement of the columns is readily accessible, yet it has a unique design. Definitive umbrella terms on the site include ‘litKULT’ (critiques, reviews, reports, workshops, interviews), ‘vizuálKULT’ (film, theatre, fashion, exhibition, comics, video clip reviews, design, architecture, interviews) and ‘popKULT’ (subcultures, party reviews, pub reviews, restaurant reviews, music, dance, live concerts, festivals, interviews, PC games, film series, media criticism).

Alongside these three main sections the heading ‘visual art’ has contemporary Hungarian artists and works, while ‘literature’ guides visitors to the portal to contemporary poems, short stories and visual poems and ‘KULTprogramok’ lists new programme guides on a daily basis.

Whilst featuring better-known artists one of the most important tasks of the site has since its inception been talent development, thus providing newcomers with the opportunity to publish their texts. The portal is not a simple interface to collect various materials, but also an international and politics-free workshop for creative people and critics with the goal of securing quality content, therefore, it often features texts evoking the length and language of interviews, essays and reviews only found in journals.



The periodical and publisher Alföld, which is over seventy years old and is operated by a foundation, plays a prominent part in the literary scene of our city. The Alföld Foundation has been organising the prestigious Literary Days of Debrecen: roundtable  sessions,  book  launches,  and  the  presentation of  the Alföld  Prize. Studio Alföld is a unique literary workshop for gifted and talented people. For decades it has provided Hungary with authors, critics and literary historians.



Studia Litteraria is a 60 years old peer-reviewed journal of the Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Studies. Papers are related to the fields of early modern, modern, contemporary Hungarian and world literature, as well as cultural studies.



The Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS), the peer-reviewed journal of the Institute of English and American Studies showcases the best of Hungarian and international scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of English and American Studies.