City of Literature


Preparatory work involved several Debrecen-based organisations, institutions and associations connected to literature and book culture (e.g. the representatives of higher and public education, the Alföldi Printing House, EDC, the German Cultural Forum, American Corner, etc.). When compiling the application we contacted the competent Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, the city of Veszprém as well as the members of the City of Literature network.

The first phase of the work involved preparing the draft version, which was made by consulting a wide range of independent professional organisations; their observations and comments were used in preparing the final Hungarian-language version.

The last month was devoted to translating the application into English and proofreading it as well as a final vetting phase. We intend to disseminate the news of the application among the general public via the local press and various communication events (such as window exhibitions), as broadly as the pandemic allows. 

Applications must conform to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Of the goals of the agenda we have chosen ‘Good Health and Well-being’ to base our application on. The motto of the application is Literature as a Cure, which as a metaphor can include physical and mental health, social problems, individual and community traumas as well as the economy; we believe that in this time of pandemic this aspect bears a special relevance.